More and more post offices are requesting airlines to feedback air mail statuses, Unite States Postal Service (USPS) and Hong Kong Post are typical example where airlines' capability in sending and receiving timely and accurate electronic air mail processing information is one of the critical considerations in getting post offices' contracts. This will be a growing trend for post offices and airlines to improve customer services, operation efficiency, competitiveness and long term partnership.

GLSHK has developed a air mail Internet portal called Ezypost which enable post offices and airlines to exchange air mail consignment and mail handling status information via a single integrated application and message exchange platform.

The purpose of Ezypost is to provide a single platform to allow airlines to receive air mail consignment information (CARDIT) from multiple postal offices and to provide mail status (RESDIT) from multiple airlines to postal offices through electronic means by adopting Universal Postal Union (UPU) standard messages.

Ezypost has been certified with USPS and HKPO, currently GLSHK is working on other post offices for similar connections and message exchange. Cathay Pacific Airways, Japan Airlines Cargo and Korean Airlines are founding carriers of Ezypost and actively using Ezypost to strengthen the partnership with multiple post offices.

Ezypost is designed to simplify airlines operations and fit all post offices varied requirements, by allowing worldwide operation personnels to logon a single integrated portal and follow a consistent workflow and interfaces. Ezypost is capable to handle various air mail statuses from "possession" to "delivered" as well as exceptional cases like "returned", "handover", "not loaded", etc...

In addition, Ezypost has just equipped with air mail bar-code scanning interface and applications running on Personnal Device Assistants (PDA) - scanners that can significantly improve airlines operation efficiency and comply with the stringent requirements of post office authorities.

The last but not the least, Ezypost is developed and followed the management quality concept of IATA Cargo 2000 programme. GLSHK applies the Cargo 2000 logistics flow, system control and quality management methodology from traditional cargo shipment to air mail handling, to help airlines in managing its resources, suppliers as well as supporting continuous quality improvement programme.

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